Sunday, February 17, 2008

re-creation of traditional 'chicha de jora'

Claire Guyer and Jedidiah present: a blog about making ancient South American beer. In this blog we will chronicle the trials and tribulations of producing a traditional beverage from scratch.

Chicha was a beverage of widespread production in the ancient South American world. The term 'chicha' seems to have referred to many types of fermented beverages and beer. Likely the most ubiquitous of these, and most culturally significant of these was chicha de jora. Which is a post colombian Spanish name which basically translates to 'beer made from malted corn'.

As promised: Day One....

Began with a trip to the bulk barn. Having given up on finding a source for any other kind of whole corn (with germination capability) I bought 13 lbs of white popcorn. Seemed like a nice round number - and lucky too!

Then we put it in a bucket with water.

-Jed and Claire

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