Wednesday, February 20, 2008

healthy germination.

Phew, any fears of lack of germinability have been assuaged. The seeds are very definitely germinating. On some the sprout is already one sixteenth of an inch long. We will post a picture of a germinating seed when the sprouting is more obvious. In a few days. Today, for the sake of authenticity the seeds were relocated (again) to a tarp on the floor - and covered with a damp cloth. To tell you the truth they only went into the bucked with a hole in while a better location was figured out.
Isn't the picture delicious? Don't you feel like you are virtually walking the streets of 15th century Machu Picchu?

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emceesquared said...

Good to see you're off to the races. Who'da thunk that popcorn would germinate so easily?

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Good luck with the Chica de Jora