Monday, February 18, 2008

Day two - Germination

After soaking for over 18 hours the turgid seeds have been relocated to a bucket with a hole in the bottom. If they were to be left submerged in water in the other bucked they would be subject to the putrefying effects of anaerobic bacteria. For now, and until we think of a better place to continue the process, germination will continue here - in a damp yet oxygen rich environment.

The smell by the way is delicious. How can I explain it? It is the smell of wet grain! Sweet and fresh like springtime! And no, it is not the smell of 'green corn' or whatever way you want to euphanize that smell.

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Anonymous said...

Looking good so far - are you sure that the popcorn kernels will germinate? Halifax Seed might have some fresh, germinable (?) corn that you can use - I'll be watching to see how your endeavours are going!

- Chris